Story Tellers

Once upon a time there was a Storyteller that wove these magnificent tales of imagination. With many themes to chose upon: tropical , silly, scary, romantic and others for all ages. She had a magical way of interacting with the audience. Sometimes she would let the little ones squiggle a line or circle on a piece of paper then create an animal from that simple doodle and tell a story of say how a beautiful  swan in a sea of lily pads honking to the moon on a Saturday night calling to her friend , the little girl that lived on the farm near the pond.

Imagination was the key and to let everyone see they had  stories and imagination inside them. Also for the very young...little story books to show pictures and sit and read to them. So wither the group be big or small there was something for all..


Themes: Paula The Storyteller, Mother Goose, Mrs. Santa ,Betsy Ross American Stories, And Dinosaur Stories !

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